Thursday, 8 January 2015


hey everyone, so i know i haven't blogged in ages , but i have decided it is a new year and i should just spend time doing at least one post every few days , because i do really enjoy it . So anyways , Merry christmas and happy new year , hope everyone had a great holiday, i know i did. What did you all get up to ?

Over the holidays i went to New york ( i know wow) , its was amazing and i really enjoyed it , so much better than boring old glasgow. Really helped me get into the christmas spirit cause i felt that this year it was really dull and boring , i don't know if any of you felt that :( . Probably because there was no snow. So new york helped me get all christmassy and of course the shopping was amazing.

I did lots of really cool and exiting things in new york , went to broadway shows and got a horse and  carriage round central park , went on movie tours and the best part was the christmas lights tour. This is where you go on a bus for about 2 hours and you go round all the big houses and the lights were unbelievable , all of the houses were light up and had massive decorations... makes my christmas decorations look pathetic. But it was a really fun trip and seen so many amazing things. I have decided that when i am a bit older i am going to move there. The shopping there was much better than glasgow , went to places like Brandy melville, Victoria secret , Sephora , Macy's and loads of other cool shops. Bought tones of clothes and makeup. I was really lucky to get taken there so thanks mum and dad :) .

Did any of you's go anywhere nice over the holidays?

So when i came back , i had to go back to school and back to normal life (which sucks) . Over the christmas i also had to study for exams , if you have exams at the moment you know exactly how it feels to have to study over christmas:(  . If i am being honest i probably should of done more cause now they are only a few weeks away and i have hardly done anything but oh well. Do any of yous have exams coming up? Any tips on how to study ? ..

So course because its a new year i have the usual resolutions like lose weight , become more fit, eat healthy etc.. But this year i really do hope i achieve something because i felt like last year was really boring and i hardly did anything , hoping 2015 will be better :)

So i hope you enjoyed reading this , next week i think i will do one on what i got for christmas and how to cope with the stress of exams , cause i know i used to find it really hard coping with them .

Happy new year again :) xx