Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Teatox for Weightloss... it's that time of year

Hello everyone, 

So it's a new year (incase nobody noticed) and the common phrase used in january is New Year new me i right?, all the gym's boom because all the middle aged women and men go back , simply because for the last three months they could not be bothered..., and the shops get even busier because people rush to buy healthy nutritious meals because everyone has gotten fat over christmas time . Everyone wants to be healthier and fitter , until February when everyone gets bored and goes back to last years old habits.  

Well this year is different and i have decided that it's time i do what i set out to do , and don't just sit about and watch the year go by and achieve nothing. So lucky for me i was out shopping and i walked past Holland and Barrett and on the window there was big signs saying BOOTEA - BUY 2 FOR £26.99 ( total bargain) , so of course i ventured in and looked around for a about 30 minutes until picking up boo tea. 

I had recently seen all over Instagram people posting pictures of boo tea 14 -28 day teatox, and everyone raving about the results and how it made them lose weight and improved their skin. 
So i bought the wonderful tea .

During the 14 day teatox , you are giving a DayTime detox 

These are really cool pyramid tea bags which allow all the nutrients & flavours in the blend to come through,  Not to mention, you don't want to have a bunch of leaves lying around in your cup getting stuck in your teeth, nobody wants that.

The bedtime cleanse 

The bedtime cleanse consists of laxative to naturally cleanse & detoxify your body, it does not contain caffeine so you needn't to worry about staying up all night. 

Boo tea is perfectly safe if  taken with food , make sure you don't replace it with one of your meals. Also it is pointless if you eat rubbish while doing this , so make sure you have a reasonable and nutritious meal per day and cut out all that chocolate and cakes.. i know it's hard but we can do it . 

I would definitely recommend buying this, as i said perviously Holland and Barrett sell this and you can also go onto bootea's website and purchase it there ( i will leave the link below) , they also do shakes and different drinks , so even if you are not a fan of tea , there is other things you can try that will work just as good. 

Thanks everyone for reading this , and i hope you all have a great 2015 and achieve lots of things :)


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  1. Been meaning to try this for while, good to know that you like it.