Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Study Tips & more !

Hey i'm back :) , i know i haven't done a blog post in ages i have just been so busy with school and work and life really. However i am currently off school and sitting with the flu and i thought you know what instead of watching movies i will do a blog post :). Today i have decided to talk about tips on studying and ways of dealing with exam stress because i don't know if it's just me but i get stressed out before exams. Sometimes i find myself sitting up till like half 4 in the morning before my exam.

Recently i just got my study re-done , however stupidly me being me ,  i lit a candle and forgot to blow it out and it burnt the top of my ceiling , i don't know if you can see in the picture but my walls are black , so i need to re paint it all but i just haven't go round to it yet haha. Anyways personally i think it's essential to have a place to study when it's exam time wether you're at university, college , school or just working you need somewhere to store books and keep a plan of what you need to do.

So firstly i think it is really important to keep a planner of all things you need to do and what you have to prepare for in the upcoming weeks. A planner will help you see just how long away you're exams are and it is useful for taking notes of different dates you have things on or homework that it due. A planner is just really a reminder , if you're anything like me i use my planner constantly , it just helps me feel more organised. However you can also use you're phone if you don't want to have to carry a planner around all day , there is a good app called planner plus.  You should definitely check that out.

Next you need to prioritise. Start thinking about the future and what you want to achieve and things you want to do well in. Put you're studying before going out with you're friends , study in the morning for a few hours before going out and trust me you will feel a lot better and less stressed. Set yourself a goal and say if you finish your assignment you can then go out, it's all about what you want to achieve and you know the things you have to do to get where you want to be.

Eat & still have a social life

Also keep up a healthy diet because in the long run it will help so much. Eating before an exam get's you're brain started, they say that blueberries are the best at kick starting your brain in the morning. It doesn't have to be a big 3 course meal just something to keep you're energy up and to help you concentrate. Going out with your friends or family is still really important. Don't lock yourself away in your study for weeks before your exam because you need a break and time to socialise with other people. Even meet up with some friends and go to the library or go to someone's house and just help each other out with different subjects.

Drop all the negative people & remember it isn't a competition.

Surround yourself with the people who feel that same way as you do , people who feel positive and want to study with you. You want to have friends that will encourage you to do you're best and will be happy for you if you do better in a test than they did. I have my group of friends and we help each other out and it is honestly so helpful. Remember it isn't a competition on who can do the best , don't compare yourself to others cause only you know what you are capable of. Don't feel down if someone got an A and you got a B , if you tried your very best then that's all you can do.

Get rid of any distractions

Lastly, make sure you put you're phone on silent for even an hour so you aren't distracted by any noise , cause that always happens to me. Then make sure to take a break and only then can you look at your phone. I used to listen to music when i studied but i realised i sometimes ended up singing the lyrics to a song rather than concentrating on what i was writing , music is good for when you are doing homework or writing an essay but for studying i feel like it can be a distraction. However i know it can be boring just sitting in complete silence for an hour. Just try you're best and trust me you will thank yourself when you're exams are done and you come out with straight As  :) .

Thanks for reading this post , i hope you all do well in your exams , whenever they are. Hope this helped some people and i will see you next sunday with another post . Bye x

Sunday, 1 February 2015


Hey everyone

Happy 1st of feb!! , how was everyone's january ? , i don't know if it was just me but i felt like it went on forever and i am so glad its February and can't wait to see what this month brings. January was really good and i hope this month and year is just as good , so far so good (lol) ... 

So this post it based upon my favourite's this month , i have never done a favourites before so i felt i should kick start feb by sharing with you guys everything i have been loving recently  , this isn't necessarily all fashion and beauty items its just random bits and bobs that i have been loving. 

so first i have been loving the Mac highlighter : 

I am completely obsessed with this highlighter it is in the shade of soft and gentle. This is a powdered highlighter making it easy to apply and giving your cheeks and brows and overall highlighted look. Compared to most other highlighters this has definitely been my favourite as it stays on for ages and really makes your face glow.  This was £23.00 which is really good as it lasts forever. 

This is a Daily energizing mosturising cream that delivers a hydrated and matte finish. Non-oily and is perfect base for make-up. This Energising moisturiser refreshes skin and keep's your skin hydrated. Considering i am nearly finished this and i only got it at christmas shows you how good this is. This is £21.00 which is not to bad, it also smells so amazing , don't really know how to describe how it smells , sweet and fresh, it just makes you're skin feel great

This next thing that i have just loved is this Miles of Mac book , this book is amazing !!. I recently got it for christmas and i have just been loving it ever since. This book includes pictures of models with different mac makeup looks and you are shown different eye shadows , lip colours and basically different looks (some maybe to crazy to wear on a day to day basis) however it is really good. This is this kind of book you would just pick up in your free time and have a wee look through, and prepare to be inspired to try different looks out. I got this book from Urban Outfitters if i remember correctly this was £30 , however it might of been more or less.

I have been loving this MAC PLUSHGLASS lipgloss . This gives a cool_warm , vanilla buzz to the lips , also it soothes while also plumps the lips. I love this lipgloss it smells amazing and looks great over lipstick. This also lasts for ages i found my self only re-applying it ever hour or so which it great. I bought this at £17.50 in the shade of Big kiss , however there is many other shades and i am thinking of buying the power supply as well because it is just so good. 

Last but not least, i have been loving my music this month, there are so many great new songs and albums released, My music taste is very varied , i basically like everything , it just depends on what mood i am in . 

Anyways my favourite songs of this month are;

Crazy in love - Sofia Karlberg

I want you and Fall at your feet - Saint raymond 

From time - Drake 

Hard work - Ella henderson _ chapter one 

Hold back the river - James bay 

Earned it , Often - The Weeknd

Something i need - One republic 

So thats everything , i hope you enjoyed this post and have a great feb and do lots of cool new things:)  ...

Saturday, 17 January 2015

The Teatox for Weightloss... it's that time of year

Hello everyone, 

So it's a new year (incase nobody noticed) and the common phrase used in january is New Year new me ...am i right?, all the gym's boom because all the middle aged women and men go back , simply because for the last three months they could not be bothered..., and the shops get even busier because people rush to buy healthy nutritious meals because everyone has gotten fat over christmas time . Everyone wants to be healthier and fitter , until February when everyone gets bored and goes back to last years old habits.  

Well this year is different and i have decided that it's time i do what i set out to do , and don't just sit about and watch the year go by and achieve nothing. So lucky for me i was out shopping and i walked past Holland and Barrett and on the window there was big signs saying BOOTEA - BUY 2 FOR £26.99 ( total bargain) , so of course i ventured in and looked around for a about 30 minutes until picking up boo tea. 

I had recently seen all over Instagram people posting pictures of boo tea 14 -28 day teatox, and everyone raving about the results and how it made them lose weight and improved their skin. 
So i bought the wonderful tea .

During the 14 day teatox , you are giving a DayTime detox 

These are really cool pyramid tea bags which allow all the nutrients & flavours in the blend to come through,  Not to mention, you don't want to have a bunch of leaves lying around in your cup getting stuck in your teeth, nobody wants that.

The bedtime cleanse 

The bedtime cleanse consists of laxative to naturally cleanse & detoxify your body, it does not contain caffeine so you needn't to worry about staying up all night. 

Boo tea is perfectly safe if  taken with food , make sure you don't replace it with one of your meals. Also it is pointless if you eat rubbish while doing this , so make sure you have a reasonable and nutritious meal per day and cut out all that chocolate and cakes.. i know it's hard but we can do it . 

I would definitely recommend buying this, as i said perviously Holland and Barrett sell this and you can also go onto bootea's website and purchase it there ( i will leave the link below) , they also do shakes and different drinks , so even if you are not a fan of tea , there is other things you can try that will work just as good. 

Thanks everyone for reading this , and i hope you all have a great 2015 and achieve lots of things :)

bootea- http://www.bootea.com/

Thursday, 8 January 2015


hey everyone, so i know i haven't blogged in ages , but i have decided it is a new year and i should just spend time doing at least one post every few days , because i do really enjoy it . So anyways , Merry christmas and happy new year , hope everyone had a great holiday, i know i did. What did you all get up to ?

Over the holidays i went to New york ( i know wow) , its was amazing and i really enjoyed it , so much better than boring old glasgow. Really helped me get into the christmas spirit cause i felt that this year it was really dull and boring , i don't know if any of you felt that :( . Probably because there was no snow. So new york helped me get all christmassy and of course the shopping was amazing.

I did lots of really cool and exiting things in new york , went to broadway shows and got a horse and  carriage round central park , went on movie tours and the best part was the christmas lights tour. This is where you go on a bus for about 2 hours and you go round all the big houses and the lights were unbelievable , all of the houses were light up and had massive decorations... makes my christmas decorations look pathetic. But it was a really fun trip and seen so many amazing things. I have decided that when i am a bit older i am going to move there. The shopping there was much better than glasgow , went to places like Brandy melville, Victoria secret , Sephora , Macy's and loads of other cool shops. Bought tones of clothes and makeup. I was really lucky to get taken there so thanks mum and dad :) .

Did any of you's go anywhere nice over the holidays?

So when i came back , i had to go back to school and back to normal life (which sucks) . Over the christmas i also had to study for exams , if you have exams at the moment you know exactly how it feels to have to study over christmas:(  . If i am being honest i probably should of done more cause now they are only a few weeks away and i have hardly done anything but oh well. Do any of yous have exams coming up? Any tips on how to study ? ..

So course because its a new year i have the usual resolutions like lose weight , become more fit, eat healthy etc.. But this year i really do hope i achieve something because i felt like last year was really boring and i hardly did anything , hoping 2015 will be better :)

So i hope you enjoyed reading this , next week i think i will do one on what i got for christmas and how to cope with the stress of exams , cause i know i used to find it really hard coping with them .

Happy new year again :) xx