Thursday, 17 July 2014

Newest purchase of beauty products

hey everyone , how are you all doing ?:) , So recently i went  into glasgow with my friend and we spent over an hour in boots looking at all the makeup and hair product. There was lots of deals on so if you are ever near a boots take a pop in and you might see yourself spending over an hour in there too haha.

So of course if there is deals on i had to purchase some new makeup ,  especially  if its summer now i dont want to be wearing anything to heavy. So firstly i bought..

Some new makeup brushes , the makeup brushes i had previously were getting to their last stages and began to look a bit scruffy so i came across some really nice ones. These are ECOTOOLS brushes and they are great. They are quite small which i feel is great for travelling and you can just pop them in your bag if your going out for the day. They also feel so soft on your skin (like a babies bottom haha). These were a bargain as they only cost me 12 pounds which is great for me as some can range between 15 to 20 pounds. I would definitely recommend these.

Next i bought an eyeliner from MAYBELLINE new york. I dont tend to wear eye liner so it is kind of a change for me. However this pencil has a white and a black end to it. Personally i bought this mainly to use the white end to brighten up my eyes a bit. I think it looks really good at the corner of your eye and maybe with some eyeshadow as well. I really like this and it was only 4.99 which is good for an eyeliner :D

Next i bought a DREAM SUN which is branded by maybelline new york also , this is a bronzing powder with blush. I had be looking for a bronzer and a blush because the bronzer i have at the moment is a bare minerals in the shade of The High Dive. I personally feel this is to dark for my skin during the summer . Anyway.. , this brozer and blush is good as its easy to apply and is a nice shade one your skin , if your looking for a natural tanned look. I would recommend if you prefer keeping your face out of the sun in summer:). This was only £4.99 which is a really good and affordable price.

Finally i bought a colour tattoo by EYESTUDIO which lasts for 24hr. I had been looking for a product like this for a while ,  gel cream eyeshadow. I got this in the shade of pink gold , i felt that a nice pinky colour of eyes will look nice in the summer time. This is so simple to apply, you can either apply it with your fingers or a eye shadow brush. I love this product it only costs £4.99.

All the makeup products i bought were in the 3 for 2 deal so by buying these you are saving money :)

I Hope you enjoyed my blog , tell me what you think x

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  1. I lovelovelove ecotools brushes! I honestly was worried they'd be a little cheap in quality as they are sold for only a few dollars here in Canada, but I purchased a few last week and I love them! You have a really cute blog, I'm looking forward to more stuff from you :)

    - A | Mirror Mirror

  2. Do you recommend any good quality make-up brushes that are relatively cheap? Cute blog btw! xx

  3. Thank you :) , and the eco tools ones are really good and quite cheap also, but i would recommend going onto like amazon or Ebay and looking up real technique brushes they are so cheap on ebay and really good quality :) x