Saturday, 13 September 2014

Homeware & Decorative haul

Hello Everybody , sorry i haven't been blogging much recently :( . Just been so busy back at school , and  so much work and everything's just been crazy but hay ho. 

On a brighter note recently i moved upstairs into my attic and that gave me the chance decorate my room with wee pointless bits and bobs and i love my room now. There is still a lot of stuff still to do but at the moment i am really happy with the way i have decorated it :) 

So i obviously went shopping and bought some new decorative bits and bobs just to make my room look cosy and homely 

 So firstly i bought some PILLOWS. I love buying new pillows i feel like they just add a homely cosy feel to your room and a pillow just gives your room that extra feel to it haha. So i purchased these pillows at primark of course.. I got the love heart shaped pillow for £4  and the two other ones were £3 pounds which in my opinion i think really cheap :) .

 So next i bought a couple of vintage looking items.  I got the wooden mirror from Nancy Smillie which is a wee side shop in Byres road/ Glasgow, i love that shop and would definitely recommend that you go :). The other item i bought was a cream love heart candle holder , i purchased this from next home for £12 , I love next home it sells amazing home bits that give your room a homely feel. 

 Next i bought this heart shaped wooden vintage looking clock to stand or hang up in my room. I purchased this in Nancy Smillie for £12.50 . In my opinion i thought it was quite cheap  considering it is quite a big clock and will last me a long time :) .

 Lastly i bought this owl door stop. Every time i look at this it just makes me laugh and i am not sure why , its great. I love the way this is designed and it fits in well with a room , becuase before this i was using a weight to keep my door open which was fine but it just looked a bit plain and boring. But i love this new purchase and it does keep my door open as it is quite heavy. I bought this out of next home and i am not sure how much i got it for again i think it was round about £12 pounds . I really really love this and so happy i bought it . 

Thankyou for reading my post, i hope you enjoyed it , tomorrow i will be going to ikea so look out for another ikea haul coming up :) X 

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