Saturday, 16 August 2014

MoroccanOil Hair treatment

Hey Everybody , how have you all been ?.

So recently i have noticed that my hair has been really dry and tuggy and i have been finding it difficult to handle it.  I am not sure if it is the sun or the sea or the fact i got my hair highlighted a few months back that it has ended up so dry.  Anyway i looked up different hair treatments and good hair conditioning products and i heard that MoroccanOil haircare is meant to be very effective. MoroccanOil do so many different products from shampoo and conditioner , treatment and styling and finishing products. So i decided to purchase a 100ml bottle of the MoroccanOil treatment and this is a styling ,finishing and conditioning product. On the bottle it says you can apply to damp or dry hair , i would recommend applying it when your hair is damp and then style it as usual. I cant tell you how much this has made a difference to my hair it also has a really nice smell to it :). This product cost me £31.85 for 100ml , it is very expensive but is worth it. You just use a small amount so it lasts a long time. Sometimes on the website you find there may be some deals and you might get some products that are not as expensive. They also do really good sets which have a mixture of different products. 

It was definitely worth the buy. Here is the link to their website -

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