Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Back to school haul

Hello everybody , so last week i was away on holiday with a few friends and so thats why i haven't been blogging as much. My holiday was really good but sooner or later you have to come back and go back to school. Summers over :(. However i thought as this year is quite a big year for me school wise i would get more organised.

So firstly everyone needs a school bag, wether you keep your old one from last year ( if it has survived haha) or you go out and buy a new one. Last year mines broke serval times so i decided it was time to buy a new one . As you can see in the picture i bought a brown leather satchel from accessorize. I don't usually shop in accessorize but i bought a bag a few years back and it lasted me forever and all their bags are really good quality so this one caught my eye. It is really big inside and can hold all my folders and if i have a particularly heavy day you can always put some work in your  locker. Oh and another good thing about this bag is that you can use it as a backpack as well. This cost me £32 pounds which is quite expensive but i loved it so. 
Next i bought a pair of school shoes. Finally i bought a decent pair which i hope will last me a while, because i don't know if any one else has this problem but whenever i buy a pair of school shoes after a few weeks the soles have came of. Anyway i seen these in office for £48 pounds, i really couldn't make my mind up on wether or not to buy them because i did really like them but then apart of me thought do they look a bit weird but i asked my friend multiple of times and she said she loved them so hey i went for it . 
Moving on to stationary. I spent about half an hour in asda looking for different things to buy and different things to store all my school work. So firstly i bought a pencil case, i know this is quite a plain pencil case but i kind of feel i am a bit to old now for like flower ones and everything so i just needed a wee one to store my pencils and rubber etc because i always ended losing them. This was only £1. 

Next i have a folder , this folder has little slots where you can divide different subjects and keep your work separate and neat. I really liked the design of this it is sort of a vintage kinda of look and i just thought it come in handy when carry work around or storing work. 
Asda £5

Next is a clipboard and some pastel sticky notes. I bought this mainly on the assumption that i would stick reminders of homework or exam dates or assignments that are due and that means i can keep up with my work load. There were many different colours of clipboards like green and pink if you prefer a different colour and it was only £1 . I also got the pastel sticky notes which were £1 too. 

 I aso got some miniature sized notebooks. As you can see i stuck labels on each on so that i dont get my work mixed up. I bought these in red for only £1. Even though they are small they still have lots of pages and room to write notes or to use as a study planner. 
Finally i bought a study book. This was my favourite purchase of stationary. This is 300 pages and you can divdide the pages into different subjects for example on part of the book has squares like a maths jotter so that can be where i go to study maths. At the back of the book it also has a bunch of flashcard to help you when your studying. This costs £5 and i would definitely recommend it 

I hope you enjoyed reading my back to school haul , let me know if you have anymore ideas on how to store your work or tips on how to deal with your work load. 
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