Thursday, 31 July 2014

Holiday Essentials

 Hello everyone , another wee post from me :) . 

So on saturday i go away on holiday to Minorca with a few of my friends and i am very exited . However i felt like i should share with you all what i thought my holiday essentials are. I have seen quite a lot of people doing this actually so i got a few bit and bobs together that i felt i use the most and are something i could not go without on holiday. 

 Firstly SANDALS ... , i love sandals and everyday on holiday i wear them. Mainly because they are so comfy and your feet need the sun too haha. They also get the air to your feet when its warm because when i am on holiday and it is like 30 degrees the last thing i want to do is to be walking about in converse with my feet sweating haha. I purchased these sandals from New look and they were only £12.99. This is a total bargain as they have lasted me the whole summer. 

 Next is sunglasses, These are crucial for going away , everybody if you do not already have sunglasses buy them. The last thing you want is to be lying out in the sun and have the sun in your eyes , you definitely need some protection for your eyes. You can buy sunglasses practically everywhere , most places will sell them. I actually got these when i was on holiday a few months ago in Malta but i am sure other places will sell ones like these. 

Next HATS, i am loving hats at the moment they help so much when you are trying to read a good book on the beach or even if you are just walking about they are also really fashionable at the moment. I had been looking everywhere for a perfect hat and i found this and automatically fell in love with it. It is maybe a bit big and floppy but it keeps the sun away from my face and is comfy i love it:) . 

 Next SUNSCREEN , this is absolutely essential to take on holiday and even though i hate it as i think it will stop me from tanning it doesn't , it helps to stop your skin from burning as the sun in actually really bad for your skin. However i have used the exact same sunscreen since i was little and it smells really nice and protects my skin. You can get this in an of your local beauty shops like boots, superdrug, tesco etc.. . I got this for £7.50 , however sometimes you find when you go in there are deals on and you can get like 3 for 2 or something it is usually just your luck:) 

 Next is a book , i love reading a few good books/ magazines on holiday. I bought The book thief for going away as i seen the movie was out and i am still to read the book so before i watch the movie i need to complete the book. This gets amazing reviews and people say it is a great book , usually i like girly easy reads for on holiday but i thought because this gets really good reviews i may as well read it on holiday. Knowing me i will finish this in like the first few days so i will bring a few other books too. I purchased this on amazon and it was only like £3.99 , which i was shocked at considering the length and quality of this book so its a complete bargain.  

Lastly is watermelon hair Scrunchie, i love the look of this scrunchie as it looks so summery. This is really good for keeping your hair back of your face. This is also very stylish if you have your hair up in a messy bun or in a pony tail and a scrunchie just gives your hair a bit more wow ( couldn't think of a word)  than what a normal black bobble give you. These are really in at the moment so you will find them in many different shops which different patterns. I purchased this from Topshop and it was £6 :) 

Thank you for reading my post, let me know in the comments if you think i missed anything out or if you just want to share a few ideas. 

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