Friday, 25 July 2014

Summer Favourites :)

Hey everyone , how has your summer been going?

Today i thought i would share with you guys my favourite summer products which i use every day.

Firstly i cant tell you how much i love this product , Summer body branded by Garnier Body. This is a moisturising lotion which gives you a Sun-kissed look and gradually builds up a natural looking tan. I love things like this as if your at all like me when i go away i get fairly tanned but by the next week my tan has gone so i need something which looks natural and not too heavy. For me i feel fake tan can sometimes just be to much of a hassle as it goes really patchy and can look not the way i hope it would have . I heard so many people raving about this product and i just thought i had to have it.This is so easy to apply and smells amazing to as it is apricot extract. You will find this in any of your local Boots, Super-drug and Tesco, this is a complete bargain as it only cost me £2.55 , and for what your getting , i definitely recommend it.

The next product i have is actually from my brother , as he was in Dubai not long ago and because my brother is so nice he got me a present back:). This is the Endless Sunset fragrance mist by Victoria Secret I was so happy because the nearest victoria secret to me is in London i think and i am never in london so i hardly ever get to go and i hear so many people talking about the Perfumes and lotions in there. I love the scent you get of this as it is an hawaiian orchid & current fragrance. I love smelling nice during summer so this was the perfect buy. I also love the design of the bottle it is a lovely colour like a dark orange red colour with a palm leaf which i multi -coloured over the front. I think these usually range between 15 to 20 pounds , they are quite expensive but for what you get i think its really good and sometimes you can get really good deals on all beauty products.  At christmas time i am going to new york so i will definitely be going into victoria secret and looking at all their beauty products:). I love this so much :)

I hope you enjoyed my blog today:) tell me what you guys think ? x

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  1. I love the Victoria's Secret body mists, i have a few of them and my fave is Vanilla Lace!
    xprincessjas | ♥